Please Note: Price is for single stick only

Galmend is a special alloy formulation designed to repair previously galvanised components after the original coating has been damaged by welding, cutting, grinding or similar.

The application of the product is as follows,

  1. Wire brush the damage area to clean surface. Remove any oils or greases with a suitable solvent wash.

  2. Carefully preheat the component and apply spirits of salts as a flux medium. Wear gloves, safety glasses and appropriate protective clothing.

  3. Apply the Galmend stick to the surface using a rubbing action and apply heat from the flame torch at the same time.

The desired procedure is to “wipe” the solder onto the surface in its pasty form and not to overheat causing the product to become fully liquid and run from the surface area being repaired.

Nominal rod size, 6.5mm square x approx. 400mm in length.

Please Note: Price is for single stick only

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