SLAB IN A BOX 1700 X 900MM


Slab-in-a-Box is a new way of constructing a high quality reinforced concrete slab for backyard use. A very simple quick and easy process is used to create a 100mm thick reinforced slab designed to meet the Australian Standards. The galvanised reinforcing mesh, equivalent to SL62, is attached to the formwork using plastic clips, which enables the whole system to structurally support itself and hold the edges square and parallel, with a 35mm top concrete cover. The formwork is permanent, saving time and protecting the concrete. 


The ‘Slab-in-a-Box®’ general purpose panel makes a slab that is 1700x900 mm, and contains five different components: • 4 x lengths of plastic side forms • 4 x plastic corner pieces • 24 x plastic clips which interlock the side form and reinforcement bar • 1 x piece of reinforcing mesh • 1 x sheet of builder’s film The clips are slipped onto the end of every exposed reinforcing bar. Line up the clips on a slight angle to the side form, and simply twist to lock the clips onto the side form and mesh simultaneously, around the panel perimeter.  


Once the Slab-in-a-Box assembly is finished, just place the panel into the prepared hole where desired. Concrete is then poured into the panel and screeded off, creating a level concrete slab. After the concrete has sufficiently set, brush with a stiff broom for a textured finish. This panel needs ~18 bags of concrete mix.  

ADVANTAGES • VERSATILE DESIGN used for multiple applications including BBQ pads, footpaths, park benches, air conditioning units, etc. • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY no need for skilled labourers, all parts are included (except concrete), less project complexity, reduced install time. • CONSISTENT RESULTS the mesh is held at a constant height and distance from the edge, making the slab more reliable, and less susceptible to long-term degradation.
The Slab-in-a-Box can be used to form up slabs on the hardest of surfaces. Multiple panels can be connected with dowels to form larger slabs, and anchor points can be inserted to hold down sheds or pumps. The formwork can also be painted to match the surrounding colour scheme.
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